About the Hub

If something is affecting REALTORS®, we are talking about it here. Welcome to The Hub, the place where the NAR members involved in the work of the association connect.This is our private, secure location to network and collaborate with each other year-round and have anytime access to those discussions via a computer or mobile device. By joining and using this community site, you agree that you have read and will follow the Terms of Use.

  • Use of The Hub is currently limited to NAR committees, presidential advisory groups, advisory boards, councils, work groups, the board of directors, and select other association leadership groups, as well as the staff who support those groups.
  • The HUB replaces email, closed Facebook groups, and project management platforms — such as Basecamp — currently being used by these groups.
  • Committee members are encouraged to communicate freely within their HUB community. Any member of a committee may initiate conversation or post a document; it isn’t necessary for the chair, vice chair, or staff executive to initiate dialogue.
  • NAR’s flagship website, nar.realtor (formerly realtor.org), remains the repository and official record, available to all NAR members, for committee agendas, recommendations, and minutes. Staff executives will notify committee members via The Hub when relevant documents are posted at nar.realtor.
  • If you’re part of a committee community, you may view other committees’ dialogue but you may not participate in the discussion. The exception is closed committees; you may neither view nor participate in the dialogue of a closed committee. See which committees are closed.
  • Additional HUB communities will be created as needed for:
    • Constituent groups that communicate regularly across the organization, such as staff executives, NAR committee liaisons, regional vice presidents, FPCs, GADs, and state and local association presidents and AEs.
    • Work groups and presidential advisory groups formed to carry out a short-term mission.
    • Two or more committees jointly working on a project, so that those committees may dialogue with each other.
  • The General Forum is the place where anyone who has access to The Hub may post regarding pertinent information to the association or industry business.
  • There are also six open conversations that anyone may join to participate in topically-specific discussions. The open conversations are: